Girls Classic Straight Tutu Skirts Fashions Trends From Movie- Once Upon a Time in America, Ballet Dancer of Deborah

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In 1984, there is a great and most famous classic move-Once Upon a Time in America, which mixed the plot with love, romantic, friendships, teams, dreams, criminal, even it is a old movie, but shows every details of the human life and humanity of that times.

What attracted and impressed me is the plot of the Ballet Steps Practices of young Deborah, which made the Noodles suddenly fall in love. And the young Deborah actor- Jennifer Connelly made a great performance of ballet dance, and great performance of ballet tulle skirts showing.

On that movie, the the Noddles spies on Deborah through a small hole in a wall to see the Deborah practices her ballet steps, which is by wearing a white knee length tulle skirts, until now, the movie have been for near 40 years, but at that time, seems the tulle skirts already very fashion and made great performance on dance wears.

 girls tulle skirts for ballet wears girls tulle skirts for ballet wears girls tulle skirts for ballet wears

Even now, the tulle skirts is still greatly useful by kids life time wear, still like ballet dancing, photography, holiday, party, birthday, and seems the styles did not make too much change, cause that simple designs already very useful, classic and great on showing.

After finish that movie watching, i just realized that our brand Everweekend also have that girls straight tulle skirts designs by selling, we think will also have great performance on ballet dancing wears if the kids girls dreaming to be like what movie show by Deborah.

The skirts is maxi ankle length, made by 4 layers sewing which is sure thick and tutu enough, with breathable lining and can not be see through, if the skirts is too long? return??? No, you can just cute the bottom by yourself to the actual length needs, also, we sure have other color designs, just like pink, champagne.


If these 2 color still not satisfied by your performance, we also have mix colors, which is the same design, but just mixed by 2 colors: lavender purple and purplish red color, it is more adorable on color attracting.

So, don't hesitate on taking 1 for your little princess girls, specially if the kids on ballet practices or need for a party. It would definitely get many compliments. And as a simple and classic tulle skirts, it would sure not easy out of fashion.



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