Princess Skirts, Traditional Roman Holiday Movie Fashion Trends by Audrey Hepburn

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Recently, when we want to collecting more fashion ideas in our brand for our brand-everweekend new collection designs, which seems don't know how to start, but suddenly, one ideas come into my mind:

The Movie, yes, we can try get sources from the move, old movie, which can start from the very very old movie, cause the fashion can be repeat, and the fashion can be always, just like denim jackets and pants, which have been fashion over 100 years.

Which movie can be the most CLASSICAL???

Roman Holiday, Yes, sure, by the most famous and respected film star-Audrey Hepburn.

After threw myself into watching the move-Roman Holiday for 3 times again, even it is still the white-black movie, we still got many inspiration, and finally got the ideas.

The Skirts, the Ruffles Long Skirts, which is mostly used on the wearing by the princess.

The skirts is by easy but most fashion and stylish matching with the shirts, and which seems also easy matching with any other tops, until now, the sweet kids girls also need one pieces simple basic skirts for daily wear, which is easy on and washing, also hoping can be for party wear, thats the great ideas for designing.

After that, one of our skirts series coming out, the girls ruffles maxi skirts

The skirts is very very very simple, only with the single irregular layer at the bottom, maxi designs with floor length, soft and breathable fabric, and 100% cotton for sure. By this designs, we can reappear the most classic and fashion old trends, and make our little princess kids also can try this simple fashion.

Mean while we also made and design a maxi tutu skirts, which is made by tulle fabric, with multi and candy layers, breathable lining, and satisfy the kids girls candy dream, as a dream dress.


Seems 3 times Roman Holiday movie time is not wasteful, Hope the cute kids would like this 2 different designs, the basic simple and the tutu princess fashions, the Roman Holiday was by 1950s, if the tutu designs can be design out by that time, maybe the Audrey Hepburn would also like them? and how about your girls?


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