How To Designing or Choosing a Maxi Dresses

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Maxi dresses are extremely classical dress for every women by anytime, they can be comfortable, simple and perfect for wearing all the year round, can be easy suitable for any occasions: like office working, daily house working, night grown, or casual play. No before, now or in the future, it was and will be always never out of style.

What most mothers did't realized is that sewing an own maxi dress is an easy job, they just need know how to cutting fabric and sewing a straight line. They can definitely sure sew a typical and unique maxi dress for themself or their sweet little girls on their own.

By How to Sew Your Own Maxi Dress these steps, you would sure complete your first maxi dress working.

What shall we prepare for a maxi dress?

1. Fabric, sure, the elastic knitted fabric would be the first options, cause it would be elastic, and skin friendly. And if with floral print on it, that would be much unique.

2. Scissors and sewing machine for sure

3. Pins, for pin the fabric together when sewing

4. Measuring tape and cutting mat

5. Old and Fitted T shirts, which is the most important, cause we can directly using the fitted t shirts for cutting.

But when we designing or choosing a maxi dress for us or our kids, what special details we need considerate?

First and for most thing, is the size: the bust, sleeve length, and dress length. For the bust, we can try most suitable but we can also try 1 size up, since the a little more loose would be much more breathable just like hot seasons like summer. After that is the length, if the dress is too long, we can try cut and sew a little shorter for our actual needs.

The Styles, the maxi dress would also have many different styles, like sleeve, long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless; in our opinion, we prefer sleeveless, short sleeve or fly sleeve, cause it would be much easier on wearing, and if by spring or autumn, we can add a think jacket on.

The Prints, generally many designer would be like choosing pure color with multi color choosing, cause it is the basic and most popular designs, that's right. But we can also try some maxi dress with floral print or cartoon print especially for the little girls.

The detail of maxi designs, for the maxi dress, we can also add or choosing some specials details, just like ruffles, or asymmetrical based on your different designs.

On our Brand-Everweekend we also have some girls maxi dress designs.

Like this one-girls single layer maxi dress, pink color, simple maxi dress with fly sleeve, and this dress also adult size options for women

Also, we have this kind of fabric maxi dress with 3 layers designs-girls lace fly sleeve maxi dress. Which is soft fabric and skin friendly, ruffles enough and maxi ankle length.

Meanwhile, we also girls floral maxi dress designs, which is by 100% cotton fabric, with white flower print on it, and 3 layers ruffles, it is adorable for summer party wears.



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