Sweet Girls Cartoon Fox Dress for Halloween and Casual

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Cute babies would always have cartoon dreams, as the prefer watching cute cartoon movies and cartoons when they were babies and young, as the cartoons are cute and sweet.

They also hope to be act a role as a cartoons, the boys like Spider, Superman, Captain America, the Holk, Thunder God. But for the baby girls, they prefer Bunnies, Fox, Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, Anna, the Frozen, and So on.

So there would be may toys or clothes for these cartoon styles which fulfilled the kids cartoon dreams.

And for the Girls, there is a very cute and stylish cartoon clothing we want to talk about and strong suggest for the kids and their daddy and mommy- the girls fox dress, which is a simple and adorable sweet dress for girls daily and special occasion wear.


The dress is design by Everweekend since 2014. 

Made by: 100% cotton corduroy, back zipper open, soft and skin friendly, adorable orange and white color patching work, stylish eyes and nose, with breathable lining. Easily decorate your sweet girls to be a cute fox.

The dress have been sold for 5 years, and still hot sell and popular for kids casual wears.

And we also have a girls straight fox dress designs which is designed on 2016.


Which is by same fabric, but change to more stylish fox face designs and add 2 fox ears.

To make the girls more vivid on fox showing, we also have girls fox leggings  for patching, it is 2 pcs packed including brown and gray color leggings


The dresses and leggings are suitable for spring and autumn wears. Don't be hesitate after the spring and autumn past to buy it, it would definitely make your girls foxy.

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