Everweekend Girls Ruffles Maxi Dress, the Beginning of the Brand Story

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When re-calling the memory of the first begin design of our brand- Everweekend, i can still clearly remember this girls maxi dress, cause at the first time wha full in my mind is: i want to find and design a special princess dress, hope it is long dress, ruffles sure, special fabric, and also special color for sure.

After these character figure out, them, we start our first brand design product, we very lucky to find out this fabric, it is very soft, breathable, elastic, and light, cause only soft and breathable would better for kids wear, and if more elastic that would be sure do much more help for ruffles design.

After the fabric complete, we start this ruffles draft making, after attracting many designs, we finally make it out, 3 layers ruffles, with lace fly sleeve and halter dress

After our fist sample making out, we can't wait to see it and making photography show, and the fact is the style is so welcome by customers, it have been selling for 3 years until now, but, even so, it is still so hot selling, and customer keep sharing their photography show with us, we are also very happy that this cute girls maxi dress would bring so many great memory and happiness in their child life.

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