When did the knee-high boots become fashion?


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Knee-high boots have a rich history in fashion and have been worn in various forms for centuries. Here's a brief overview of the evolution of knee-high boots:

  1. Ancient Times:

    • Boots with higher shafts, sometimes reaching the knees or even higher, have been worn in different cultures throughout history. In ancient times, such boots were often functional footwear for protection during outdoor activities.
  2. Riding Boots (17th - 18th Century):

    • Knee-high boots gained popularity among equestrians in the 17th and 18th centuries. They were designed to provide support and protection while horseback riding.
  3. Victorian Era (19th Century):

    • In the 19th century, knee-high boots became fashionable for both men and women. Women's fashion often featured boots with lower heels, while men's riding boots were more utilitarian.
  4. 1920s - 1930s:

    • Knee-high boots made a resurgence in the 1920s and 1930s as part of the flapper style. Women's boots became more streamlined and were often worn with dresses.
  5. 1960s - 1970s:

    • The 1960s saw a major revival of knee-high boots, particularly with the rise of mod fashion. These boots were often made from synthetic materials like patent leather and were popularized by fashion icons like Twiggy.
  6. 1980s:

    • In the 1980s, knee-high boots experienced another resurgence with the popularity of bold, statement-making fashion. They were often worn with miniskirts and leggings.
  7. 2000s to Present:

    • Knee-high boots have remained a staple in fashion, with various styles emerging over the years. They have been worn with skirts, dresses, leggings, and skinny jeans, among other clothing items.

Knee-high boots have become a versatile fashion item, evolving in style and materials to suit different trends and preferences. They are now available in a wide range of designs, including heeled, flat, casual, and formal options, making them a popular choice for various occasions and seasons.

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