Shall we must using luggage covers for travel luggages?

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The answer is better using luggage covers for luggages, but Why?

Using a luggage cover for travel is a matter of personal preference and can depend on various factors. It's not an absolute necessity, but it can offer several benefits, as outlined earlier. Here are some considerations to help you decide whether using a luggage cover is right for you:

  1. Travel Destination and Conditions: If you're traveling to a location with unpredictable weather, dusty environments, or rough handling conditions, a luggage cover can offer extra protection.

  2. Type of Luggage: If you have expensive or delicate luggage that you want to safeguard from scratches, scuffs, or potential damage during transit, a cover might be a good investment.

  3. Personal Style and Preferences: Some travelers enjoy using luggage covers as a way to personalize and distinguish their luggage from others.

  4. Security and Privacy Concerns: If you're concerned about the security of your belongings or want to deter potential thieves from easily accessing your luggage, a cover can provide an extra layer of security.

  5. Health and Hygiene: In times of heightened health concerns, a luggage cover can act as an additional barrier against germs and contaminants.

  6. Frequent Traveler: If you're a frequent traveler and your luggage goes through a lot of wear and tear, a cover can help extend the life of your luggage.

  7. Cost Considerations: Luggage covers come in various price ranges. If you have a budget for travel accessories, you can evaluate whether a cover fits within it.

  8. Personal Comfort and Peace of Mind: Using a luggage cover may give you peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are protected, clean, and secure during your journey.

Ultimately, the decision to use a luggage cover is subjective. Some travelers find them extremely useful, while others may not feel the need for one. It's important to assess your own travel habits, needs, and preferences to determine whether a luggage cover would be a valuable addition to your travel gear.

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